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Single station fully electric servo clock press S-524
Product Description

We are not only a riveting machine, but also a riveting quality monitoring equipment

Why use servo riveting?

1. Precision pressing and precise force position control

A dedicated pressure controller algorithm can accurately control the positioning accuracy of any point within the load range of the machine, reaching 0.01mm. Precision pressing: no pressure overshoot, steady-state accuracy of 0.5% FS.

2. Integrated drive and control

Drive control integration, microsecond level real-time data collection, drive control integration is a combination of motion controller and servo driver. The motion control algorithm and servo drive algorithm are integrated on the same chip for execution, greatly shortening the interaction cycle. In one second, 8000 outputs can be adjusted based on position and pressure feedback, making the adjustment and control more precise.

3. Process traceability and more reliable quality control

The pressure and position curve data is saved in real-time on the software interface of the pressing machine, restoring the pressing process and facilitating traceability and analysis. Multiple real-time detection methods can effectively identify issues such as incoming material tolerance, position deviation, and machining process. Collaborating with real-time data for pressing, automatically generating optimized paths for quality control, making quality control more reliable.

4. Safe and reliable

The EtherCAT bus protocol adopts a high-performance gigabit network protocol independently developed by Gugao for safety and reliability. The data link is double redundant and can expand multiple axes, achieving communication between devices and ensuring network security.

5. Low carbon environmental protection, efficient and energy-saving

By efficiently reducing carbon dioxide, it greatly reduces operating costs. Traditional hydraulic and pneumatic technologies consume 2-5 times more energy than servo press systems. Compared with hydraulic systems, it can save over 70% of energy; Compared to pneumatic solutions, it can save up to 90% of costs.