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What should be paid attention to when designing the riveting head of the rotary riveting machine?
Time:2023-05-04 11:05:19View count:

A riveting machine that rotates and presses down through a cylinder or oil cylinder at a certain swinging angle to rivete rivets is called a rotary riveting machine.

Riveting machines are divided into radial riveting machines and Ricken swing rolling riveting machines. Regardless of the type of riveting machine, the intersection point is formed by the eccentricity angle of the main shaft and the rotation center at a certain length of the riveting head, in order to achieve stable riveting, high riveting quality, and long service life of the riveting head and equipment.

According to the different models and product requirements of the riveting machine, various lengths of riveting heads can be designed and customized. After the riveting head design is completed, the length of the riveting head must not be modified, and the length must be guaranteed to be within the specified tolerance range. You can also learn the design, production, and methods of riveting heads. So the length of the rivet head is a key dimension.

Secondly, the material selection for the rivet head is generally made of Cr12MOV or SKD11 mold steel. And vacuum heat treatment is used, and quenching needs to reach HRC58-62