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What is the reason for the hot rivet head of a riveting machine or rotary riveting machine
Time:2023-05-04 11:10:51View count:

    What is the reason for the heating and scalding of the riveting head during the use of riveting machines and rotary riveting machines? Below, the after-sales engineer of Wuhan Ruiken Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. will specifically explain to you:

This situation is generally caused by the following four reasons.

1、 The spindle rotation of the riveting machine is not good (referring to the rotary riveting machine). When riveting, the riveting head rotates faster, and under normal circumstances, the rotation speed during riveting is very slow. The automatic speed is too fast, resulting in a huge friction force between the rivet head and the rivet, which generates a lot of heat. This not only affects the lifespan of the rivet head, but also the surface of the riveted parts is very rough, resulting in poor smoothness;

2、 The excessive pressure adjustment of the riveting machine during riveting increases the friction coefficient between the end face of the riveting head and the surface of the parts, resulting in heating.

3、 The material of the riveted parts is relatively hard, and they are under high pressure during riveting, and the riveting time is longer, resulting in greater heat generation.

4、 The length of the rivet head used by the self-made riveting machine does not meet the factory's required dimensions. During riveting, the rivet head also generates a lot of heat. At the same time, the damage to the equipment is also significant.

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